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by Platform Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


Hide details for  6.5.3 6.5.3
Hide details for UIUI
YSUA5MZ5KWFixed the display of the Group Calendar date header.
Hide details for  6.0.5/ 6.5.4 6.0.5/ 6.5.4
Hide details for MigrationMigration
TMEN66KEF3Fixed a problem where appointments were missing after the calendar was migrated.
Hide details for  6.0.5 6.0.5
Hide details for BiDiBiDi
TYJK5XT9QCChanged the setting logic of column width. This regression was introduced in 6.5.1.
Hide details for EditorEditor
DBAR5G2SSJFixed an Access Violation which occurred after detaching an attachment from a MIME mail message.
RDER5G4KKFAn assert when launching an attachment produced an error in selmgr.cpp. This problem has been fixed in 6.0.5 and 6.5.3.
RCE5W3VUMError "ACCESS_VIOLATION in NLNOTES" received when copying and pasting from an email into a team room document.
UTR5P2L7LFixed a Notes crash when opening a message that contains a .123 attachment.
TGBM5TTD2LAttachment properties are now correctly displayed in the infobox.
RSOI622ER7Fixed a Notes client crash when clicking "edit contact labels" in the Personal address book
KTOT668SEKFixed a crash in MS Word after opening a .rtf file that contains a Notes email.
JVEK65RGUWFixed an Microsoft Word hang when opening an exported .RTF Notes document that was received in an email. The exported document contained an embedded...
Hide details for LEILEI
GFLY5ZCUHZStability problems were experienced when connecting to ODBC. This fix
releases a fieldlist if there is already one allocated to prevent the memory...
Hide details for MailMail
NRBY66MQ25Appointments, tasks, and other Microsoft Outlook notifications, created while in Outlook XP and offline, were lost as Outlook was shutdown. Outlook...
Hide details for MigrationMigration
TBOX5QFT43Fixed a problem where the Upgrade Wizard was not converting Turkish characters correctly.
FMWI66YTX3Accents were not migrated from Outlook Express 2000. This problem has been fixed in 6.0.5 and 6.5.4.
Hide details for NT IntegrationNT Integration
HARL5YUH4QThe ADSync tool would accept certifiers with the syntax 'O=org' but not '/O=org'. The tool would also add group members using the incorrect form of...
MHOL5XLMEUCorrected pipe and thread control functionality to prevent multiple user thread, hanging the OS during communications and the disappearing NSL...
PFOI64SLH8Prior to this fix, the ADSync tool would accept certifiers with the syntax 'O=org' but not '/O=org'. The tool will now accept both forms of...
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